Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher Highlights Threats to Texans’ Reproductive Freedom in General Election Ad

Takes aim at “extreme politicians” and calls on voters to “fight back” with votes.

Today, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) released her first television ad of the election cycle, “Freedom.”  The 30-second spot will run on Houston cable and broadcast stations through election day as part of a six-figure buy.  It is a call to action to voters on a critical issue facing all Texans: the rollback of Texans’ rights and freedoms, including access to abortion.

Fletcher addresses the “extreme politicians” who are “taking away our right to make our own decisions, about our bodies, our families, our futures” and calls on Texans to “fight back with our votes.”

The ad highlights Fletcher’s work in Congress to protect access to reproductive health care and her efforts to fight back against further threats, including specifically the bill she introduced, the Ensuring Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom Act, H.R. 8297, to protect the constitutional right to travel across state lines for access to abortion, which passed the House of Representatives in July.

Notably, Fletcher’s first television ad in her first campaign for office focused on her volunteer work for Planned Parenthood in the fight to protect women’s access to reproductive health care.  “Freedom” builds on that work, bringing it forward to today to reflect the current threats to access to reproductive health care and her work in Congress to protect it.  Her ad is a call to action for voters to cast their ballots on this issue, and to protect the freedom of all Texans.


As Texans, we value our freedom and independence.

But extreme politicians in Austin are taking away our right to make our own decisions

about our bodies, our families, our futures.

I’m fighting back in Congress.

I wrote and passed a bill to protect women traveling to get the health care they need

and can no longer get here in Texas.  

This election, we all have to fight back–

with our votes.  

Our freedom is on the ballot.  

I’m Lizzie Fletcher, and I approve this message.