Voting Rights

We should be enacting and enforcing laws that make it easier, not harder, for citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote.  We must fight for a better system to determine our representation, eliminate partisan bias, and work for an equitable voting process. In Congress, I have worked to ensure that we are enacting legislation […]

Social Security & Medicare

Social Security is a promise we made to seniors who have paid into these programs with every paycheck.  Medicare is the promise of health care coverage for millions of seniors and people with disabilities.  We have an absolute obligation to keep these promises and protect Social Security and Medicare. People across our community have paid […]

Reproductive Rights & Health Care

The health and safety of half of the population is under attack.  Access to reproductive health care is essential to all Americans’ ability to control their lives.  It is a matter of health.  It is a matter of economics.  It is a matter of justice.  And it is not negotiable. Protecting women’s access to safe […]

National Security & Foreign Policy

We are facing serious threats both abroad and at home, and nothing is more important than keeping our country safe.  We must work to repair our reputation and secure our alliances.  And we must maintain our focus on stopping terrorist and other threats at home and around the globe, including providing law enforcement the resources […]


Houston is a city of immigrants. It is at the core of our very identity, and an essential part of what makes the Houston area a great place to live. There is no doubt that we need to fix our immigration system.  It will not be easy to do. But instead of meaningfully addressing it, […]

Health Care

Houston is a world leader in advances in medicine, home to the largest medical center in the world.  From the first heart transplant to the cutting-edge research in the Texas Medical Center today, we have led the way for decades.  Yet many in our community do not have access to quality, affordable health care. We […]

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence in America doesn’t have to be inevitable.  We can prevent gun violence with thoughtful, data-driven, common-sense policy solutions. People across our community have shared with me their concerns about the gun violence epidemic in our country, and in our own community.  They are Republicans. They are Democrats.  They are Independents.  They are gun […]

Energy & Environment

I am proud to represent the energy capital of the world.  Here in Houston, we know about energy.  We know the last decade has brought an energy renaissance that has reduced costs and increased investment here and around the world.  We know that domestic production of oil and natural gas is critical to our national […]


Quality education is essential to our democracy.  Good schools are the foundation for an informed community, better jobs, and a strong economy. All children—no matter where they live—deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We must invest in public education and work to ensure its success.  Teachers need to be able to teach.  We […]

Civil Rights & Equality

We are called now to protect our fundamental American ideals—equality, liberty, justice, freedom, civil rights, and democracy—and to ensure that these ideals define our society.  In recent years, we have seen all too vividly the efforts of some who want to return America to the Jim Crow era, where mobs and terror reigned, where discrimination […]